Wow, New Couple Alert, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston!

We should have called this one after the Met Gala from which that dance video appeared. The rumoured next James Bond, Tom Hiddleston obviously was waiting in the wings for the Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift romance to fall apart. Calvin Harris born as Adam Richard Wiles, appears to be a sort of reserved type, although he has done his stints in modelling and obviously hits the gym, somehow he just seems kind of like a good Scottish boy.

Perhaps he was talking about Rita Ora in this interview. That Becky with the good hair. A bit of a cultural chameleon as well, doing that Madonna-like accent change. All good though. Spend time in LA and like it all changes.

So Calvin Harris has reportedly unfollowed his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift on Twitter, as he says that they split amicably and there is nothing but respect between them. Harris also got on Twitter and stated, “Oh boy, it’s about to go down”, then deletes it. The word is out…did Taylor Swift cheat on Calvin Harris with the Loki actor Tom Hiddleston?

We didn’t see this one coming even though it was hiding in plain sight. All these posted videos of the pair dancing collectively had less than 200,000 plays. Hmm.. Judging from those pricey snogging pictures from Image Direct, there is the question, is it real? ?  There’s possible hype around the actor to get the Bond interest. Daniel Craig has reportedly turned down a massive offer to reprise his role as James Bond (IMHO the best Bond yet), so no more Daniel Craig in those Tom Ford suits, sniff..

Loads of folk are kind of questioning it. But yes, apparently as soon as Tom Hiddleston had heard of the split between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris he was in touch with Swift, or..? Were these moves like Jagger a breaker?

We wanna know!

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