Will Burger King Japan Bring Back It’s Red & Black Burgers In 2016?

Burger King kind of enjoys the reputation of quality while McDonald’s was taken down a few notches after some bad publicity. You have to admit that fast food chains like Chipotle will give these dinosaur fast food chains a run for their money.

Chipotle is promising quality and free range meats, free of hormones and antibiotics. Most of the fast food people can’t promise that. There is such a low profit margin, yet what Chipotle did was stick their neck out in realising that people will actually pay a bit more for cruelty free meats, saying a historic “farewell” to GMOs,  support to local growers, strict preparation with special attention to food safety. They tell you all about it at their website, and while one could circulate any kind of information, they DO have frequent inspections!

In spite of a general and typical xenophobic vibe from characters like Republican presidential candidate hopeful, Donald Trump, the US does appreciate it’s neighbour Mexico and the cultural influences it has had on the USA, whose states of Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, parts of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming were previously part of Mexico.

Fast & Good! Check Out Chipotle’s Modus Operandi!

HOWEVER, fancier burgers are on the rise, and the big chains will want to ride the wave as well. There’s already been some Kobe & Angus beefs offered at various restaurants. So are we going to say that we’ve lost total interest in the burger?

Nope, can’t do it.

While Kentucky Fried Chicken can be accused of being on the top when it comes to Franken-food (think Double Down Dog), what about trusty, quality Burger King?

Burger King has made the black burger at Halloween in the USA but consistently colourful and innovative are the Asian markets with the fast food chains like KFC and BK.

The black burgers first appeared at Burger King Japan in 2012 and to indicate some presence along side KFC China. Burger King Japan have introduced red burgers with flame red cheese, and Angry Sauce.

The BK Japan Limited Edition Red Burgers:


The Aka Samurai Beef (Aka is red in Japanese) features a scarlet bun, which is a baked product tinted with dried tomato, that also colours the slice of melted cheese that sits atop the beef patty.  The Angry Sauce used to dress this sandwich is a combination of togarashi pepper and tobanjan chili sauce in a miso base. With the Angry Sauce and a flame grilled slice of onion, the promotional image looks really promising. And certainly not so Franken-food as the KFC China varieties of sandwiches.

Aka Samurai Chicken also comes on that crimson bun but changes the patty for a more generous looking portion of fried chicken patty, topped with the perfect Angry Sauce &  red cheese but instead of the flame grilled onion there is placed a thick slice of tomato and curly lettuce.

The BK Japan New Limited Edition Black Burgers:



In 2014 the Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond (Kuro is black in Japanese) which boast bamboo charcoal imbued buns and sliced cheese, the former is the streamlined simple black cheeseburger while the Kuro Diamond is topped with sliced onion, tomato and crispy lettuce.

In 2015, Burger King Japan added to the Kuro Series the Kuro Shogun and Kuro Taisho.

Kuro Shogun (Shogun: Commander in Chief) starts off like the Kuro Pearl, with the bamboo charcoal bun and cheese, but this is when it gets more interesting. The beef patty is topped with flame grilled eggplant and a new topping, Black Hashed Sauce. This new sauce consists of red wine, garlic, that deeply tinted squid ink and tomato, making a rather fancy burger sandwich.

The Kuro Taisho (Taisho meaning General) takes those fine first ingredients of the bamboo charcoal imbued bun & cheese, the beef patty and that great new sauce, Black Hashed Sauce atop the addition of a portion of crispy and tender potato Hash Browns. It’s a meat & potato sandwich that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Then after that there’s dessert!


Twin Pie features the bamboo charcoal pie crust filled with salted caramel pear and the cherry tinted pie crust filled with once again, sweet cherries.

Do you think Burger King Japan will be bringing in even newer and better Aka and Kuro Burgers? Have your say!

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