Was The Famously Monastic Prince Treated For A Drug Overdose?

The news outlet TMZ has reported that Prince was treated for a drug overdose at hospital in Moline, Illinois six days before his death. He was reportedly administered a “save shot” by doctors, after seeking medical attention while on route from performing a live concert in Atlanta. A “save shot” is apparently used to prevent intoxication from an opiate.

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Prince had been admitted into hospital for reportedly 3 hours and diagnosed as being badly dehydrated whilst there was reported illness from influenza. Sources determined that Prince was advised to remain in hospital for 24 hours for treatment and observation but due to unsuitable accommodation at the hospital, eg. private room, Prince declined to stay and left in ill health.

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It is not stated which hospital that Prince received treatment. Could it have been at the Trinity Rock Island medical facilities or Genesis Medical Center? The famously monastic Prince could have surely found a private hospital in Illinois to continue observation and treatment. Was it to our beloved Pop Icon’s knowledge the state of his health?

Check the gallery to see the flamboyance and outrageousness of Prince. Our second androgynous icon loss since David Bowie in January this year.

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