Tyler The Creator’s First “Golf Wang” Fashion Show Looked The Bomb.

Kanye West was seated in the audience with Kendall Jenner with a perpetual smile upon his face as he watched the ever inspired Tyler The Creator‘s first Golf Wang Fashion Show. I’m quite certain he felt that he had met his match, a slightly (lol) no-filter guy who just loves to let it rip and then MAYBE offers an apology later.

I’m An Artist.

That being said, I can’t object, Tyler The Creator is that cool.

©Getty Images
©Getty Images

Kanye West’s sweatshirt is that 1980’s Lacoste Polo pink that I just love. Kendall Jenner and her brother in-law are clearly having a great time. Kendall Jenner was linked with Odd Future’s Taco Bennett last year.

Not the fairest way to start a story, with an image of somebody else rather than the subject, but this makes it that much more fabulous.

©Tyler The Creator/Golf Wang
©Tyler The Creator/Golf Wang

You never know with Tyler The Creator whether this is in the right spirit or not. After the deadly attack at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, we should hope that this was indeed a demonstration of tolerance. Or is it?

©Michael Anthony Hernandez

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©Michael Anthony Hernandez

I wish Syd tha Kid or Syd would of walked the runway, but maybe she did. Probably had the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All crew.

©Syd tha Kyd/The Internet


©Getty Images

Earl Sweatshirt, Taco Bennett (Syd’s brother), M.I.A. and Tyler The Creator, Odd Future with Queen MIA.

©Michael Anthony Hernandez

A Kehinde Wiley influence?

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©Michael Anthony Hernandez

Projection an Easy Fun Ethereal (Jeff Koons) influence? Tyler The Creator is so goofy, we love it! Good Pop Style.

©Michael Anthony Hernandez

This is pretty unique, no re-hashed high street here.

©Michael Anthony Hernandez

Awkward waist on the trousers, genius.

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©Michael Anthony Hernandez

I think this is kind of Tyler’s prototype woman, she looks very much like the Fucking Young actress…Just Googled it, it is her, Crystal, not sure of her last name.


I want to say that the motif on the flower shoe is reminiscent of De La Soul’s album artwork for 3 Feet High and Rising but it’s so thoroughly modern. The set of the music video Perfect (Tyler The Creator featuring Kali Uchis & Austin Feinstein) directed by Wolf Haley is also visited. There might be some Larry Clark influences especially in Perfect. The turquoise, sky blue and pinks are right in the alley of Miley Cyrus’ inspirations of recent years, some psychedelic Wayne Coyne similarities.


Tyler the Creator proves over and over again that he’s not afraid of colour, he’s not afraid of labels, that perhaps he’s edging towards gender fluid clothing.

©Tyler The Creator/Twitter

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©Tyler The Creator/Twitter

In wearing these items he demonstrates that the lyric content that is laden with homophobic slurs and misogynist ideals are to be taken in such a manner that the issues are less relevant so they may be identified aloud. Like the N word. It’s in the vein of saying a thing aloud until it is devoid of meaning, like saying Voldemort aloud and watch how it does not eventually stir the Dark Lord.

Appropriate your insult.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 01.42.17

Maybe for the Purple One.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 01.41.40

Appears to have some African Dandy influence in casual gear. Perhaps a cross between African Dandy and Tommy Hilfiger? Psychedelic Ninja Turtle?

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Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 01.41.25

Prints with prints, smiley faces with zebra stripes with polka dots, similar to last year’s yin yang motif. High-waters, yay!

Watch the video of the Golf Wang Fashion Show. Kind of reminds me of some Mike Kelley as well. Good stuff!

Congratulations Tyler Gregory Okonma on your Golf Wang Fashion Show debut!

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