Trump Supporter Talks ‘Precedent’ Internment Camps For Muslim Register

Things turn quickly ugly as the ultra right find their voice with the new president-elect Donald Trump. The rhetoric is starting to take us back to the first half of the 20th century, when racism and antisemitism ruled and destroyed lives.

Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan denounced the Japanese American internment with the former conducting an investigation as to whether there was justified risks of disloyalty from Japanese Americans residing mainly in the west coast during World War II, specifically after the attack on Pearl Harbour. Mr Carter’s investigation concluded that the incarceration of Japanese Americans was “a product of racism”. Mr Reagan signed the Civil Liberties Act and the USA government paid reparations to individuals who had been incarcerated. Reagan’s legislation had found the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt‘s administration acted on “Race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership”. Up to 120,000 people of Japanese heritage had been held in internment camps, of which 62% were American citizens, which began in 1942. From 1869, immigrants arrived onto the west coast and Hawaii from Japan and mainly worked in the agriculture sector.

Megyn Kelly at Fox News chided Carl Higbie for referencing this ugly chapter in American history.

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