Trump Called Lil Jon “Uncle Tom” On “The Celebrity Apprentice”.

As reported on People Magazine, rapper Lil Jon has confirmed that during filming of the reality show, The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC), the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called him an Uncle Tom.

The Daily Beast originally published the story of how two staffers witnessed Mr Trump repeatedly refer to Lil Jon (Jonathan Smith) by the racial slur, after it was explained to him the implications and definition of the slur, by producers and staffers, who implored him to desist.

After Mr Smith wore an Uncle Sam costume on the show, to promote a hair care product, Mr Trump then used the term Uncle Tom in reference to the contestant and persisted. The sources have given their statement under anonymity because of a strict non-disclosure agreement. Comedian and talk show host, Arsenio Hall was said to have witnessed Mr Trump use the racial slur on an episode of season 13’s The Celebrity Apprentice in 2013. Mr Hall was scheduled to make a guest appearance on that episode. It is alleged that producers, including an executive producer directly communicated with Mr Trump to ask him to stop using the term. Mr Smith has tweeted to the contrary that although Mr Trump did use the term, that he stopped using it after it’s offensiveness was explained.

The Trump campaign has not responded to queries about this alleged incident and has taken to Twitter to denounce all the accumulated allegations against him in the past week including those of sexual misconduct after the leak of the tape in which Mr Trump is heard boasting behaviour that amounts to sexual assault of women.

©Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images
©Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

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