Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift Take Love From Suffolk To Roma.

As the images appear we get used to the new Golden Couple, HiddleSwift. Looks like true love, eh? Magic comes out of situations in which people get dumped and get whisked away on jets. We look forward to more pictures on the beach, preferably in swimsuits, lol! Actually if you’re in the United Kingdom (? ) the countryside, coast, counties and shires are the place to be, all that rain makes it so lush. Most people take those single lane roads through the counties at 50 mph. Not much visibility either, just hedges hanging over and mustard fields, scary even in a Bond style Jaguar.

So the journey started on a beach on Rhode Island and just kept going to a beach in Suffolk. Maybe it was Kessingland.


I like the really casual look Taylor Swift is sporting with the oversized pullover. Essentials in the counties, Wellies. Or just rubber boots, I know Hunters are all the rave. Tom’s making that Loki smile, aww!


No superstar outfits from Taylor Swift, just grown-up functional clothes for a grown-up relationship.


Tom Hiddleston wearing Ralph Lauren, it’s functional, no fuss.

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Looks like loads of good vibes. Taylor Swift with Tom Hiddleston and Diane Hiddleston.


From Roma with Love!!!?


Tom Hiddleston’s loving those grey suede shoes, mind you, they’re pretty spiffy. If you don’t go to the Colosseum when you’re in Rome, you feel kind of goofy..

Maybe people were in super awe at the sight of the HiddleSwift, even more so than when they saw this guy there.


Something that just made me feel like eating my past words about HiddleSwift, was the perspective of the goddess that is Amber Rose, check what she said:

“It is because it’s unheard of, and she’s acting very ‘slutty’ and for some reason needs time to ‘let her pussy rest,’” Rose said. “That’s how people look at it, and it’s just like, hell no! If I’m done, why do I have to sit in the house and be lonely?”

©Vivien Killilea/Getty Images
©Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Muva has put us on the straight and narrow, and has spoken!

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