“The Anthropocene”, Is It Real?

With so much question about whether one believes in science and the tremendous amount of evidence that global warming is quickly changing the earth, the term The Anthropocene has come to prominence to describe just what mankind and it’s rapid increase of population and consumption has done to the environment and nature of the planet Earth.

As we are now in what is described as the Holocene, a post glacial age that began some 10,000 years ago, we can observe the massive increase of socio-economic trend relating to the affects upon the planet in the mid 20th century and continuing into the 21st.

The very things that we treasure such as international travel, telecommunications, transportation, agriculture, urbanization, access to water have reflected the changes to the earth systems, showing a rise in methane, carbon dioxide, ocean acidification, rise in surface temperature. The post World War II era, connected with increase of wealth that has spread globally apparently is related to these increases.

Look at the graphs at Welcome To The Anthropocene to show the Great Acceleration.

Theoretics suggest of the Anthropocene that humanity has made it’s imprint upon the earth as far back as the -50,000 to -10,000.


The activity of humankind have affected biodiversity, climate, geomorphology & biogeography. Domestication of livestock, agriculture, overhunting, clearing of rainforests, etc. have caused a downward spiral that can foresee an extinction of humankind before an end to the planet. The Earth will live one, probably hotter, as it has proved to become, but possibly without us.

Read more about the Anthropocene.

Want to do something about it? Read the Resilience page at the Anthropocene for hope.


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