Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston In The UK After Nashville Meeting Of The Parents.

As it becomes apparent that the Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift romance ended so that Swift could be with Tom Hiddleston, they take their whirlwind romance on flight, first to Nashville and then to Ipswich, Suffolk. While in Nashville the new couple attended BFF’s Selena Gomez concert at Bridgetone Arena.

Swift had lunch with her parents, Andrea & Scott Swift at Adele’s and then later returned to Swift’s Nashville apartment where Hiddleston was waiting. The parents and Hiddleston met, and the week consisted of dates with friends, including dinner with the granddaughter of Hank Williams (Tom Hiddleston played Hank Williams in biographical film I Saw The Light, 2015), Holly Williams.  Then the couple boarded the private jet once again and headed for the United Kingdom (fresh off the Brexit Leave vote! ? ) to Ipswich, Suffolk, where Hiddleston’s mother Diana Hiddleston resides and where he spent his upbringing (while not at boarding school Eton). I like Suffolk, spent some time in Bury St. Edmunds and Boxford. So lush and green, especially in the summer. Sheep, mustard and apples…


She looks perfect.

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In Nashville.

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Alright, what’s cool about this guy is that he could have one of the five bodyguards travelling with them go and get the coffee, but he goes and gets it himself for his girlfriend because, hey, he’s in the moment and likes to do these things. It’s definitely a positive that a famous actor will go into a BP gas station and get his own shit. Good for you, dude.

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Maybe Mom will take Tay to the Roman ruins in Bury St Edmunds or they can look at some Viking stuff..

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Tom Hiddleston’s expression is so open when meeting his mom, Diana Hiddleston. No hiding it for the paps, there’s loads of happiness all around. Hiddleston described himself in relationships as full-on. And it certainly appears that way, lots of luck to the new It couple, HiddleSwift!

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