Scarlett Johannson Is Forbes’ Top Grossing Actor Of 2016

Actor Scarlett Johansson starred in Captain America: Civil War as Black Widow with Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man and Chris Evans as Captain America and the three are the top grossing actors of 2016. Ms Johansson came out number one while Mr Evans and Mr Downey Jr tied at second place. Captain America: Civil War grossed $1.15 billion worldwide and became the top grossing film of the year. Ms Johansson had a supporting role in the Coen Brothers’ Hail, Caesar! which totalled worldwide $1.2 billion, taking Ms Johansson to the top spot Forbes has reported.

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Will Smith‘s total box office intake was $775 million, putting him at 10th place with Suicide Squad grossing $745 million globally. Collateral Beauty‘s total intake is yet tallied as it is still in theatres.

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Felicity Jones has an intake of $805 million,  at position 9 with the highly grossing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story just released in December.

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Ryan Reynolds was found at number 8 with his starring role in Deadpool grossing $783 million globally making his total for 2016 $820 million.

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Henry Cavill reached number 7 with his global intake at $870 million with his role as Superman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

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Ben Affleck also did well at number 6 with Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice as the lead and The Accountant, scoring a total of $1.02 billion worldwide with the former taking in $873 million alone.

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Amy Adams took in $1.04 billion with Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Arrival, which is still in theatres. Ms Adams is at number 5.

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Margot Robbie hit number 4 with Suicide Squad and The Legend Of Tarzan, grossing globally 41.1 billion.

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