Advocates For Awareness Shaun Ross, Diandra Forrest & Winnie Harlow.

I don’t always see all the television shows and music videos but last night I came across an impressive young man who just drew me in, his name is Shaun Ross. A trained dancer and model as well as an actor, Shaun Ross is an African American who has albinism. He starred in Katy Perry‘s music video for E.T..


Shaun Ross in the new Bråves music video, Dust. WARNING Full Frontal Nudity!!



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Shaun Ross is actually quite the super model and his rise to fame, along side models Diandra Forrest as well as others like Thando Hopa, all of African heritage, gives hope to the persons inflicted with albinism that are outcast and victimised.

There are the models Connie Chiu and Stephen Thompson who are of Chinese & European heritage respectively.

Shaun Ross‘ profile at Next Models.


South African designer Gert Johan Coetzee with South African model Thando Hopa.


Model and jazz singer Connie Chiu. She is historically the first professional model with albinism.


Model and school teacher Stephan Thompson. Portfolio at Major Model Management.

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Shaun Ross with rising model from Canada, Winnie Harlow. She is The model with Vitiligo. Starred in Beyoncé‘s visual album Lemonade.

©Amal Sofi/Instagram
©Amal Sofi/Instagram

Eighteen year old Amal Sofi, a model from Russia.


Profile of Winnie Harlow at D Management Group.

The late and great Michael Jackson was diagnosed with Vitiligo and tried his best to conceal it. It might explain his later appearance. It was apparently a sore subject for the performer and he resented it that people suggested he bleached his skin. The fact is that most people of colour may use hydroquinone products to even out dark patches and hyperpigmentation from acne scars or scars of any kind.


Canadians Drake and Winnie Harlow.

Shaun Ross has spent time with people afflicted by albinism in Tanzania and has offered them support as they are often the victims of murder, dismemberment and persecution. He has made many young people feel hope.

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Watch Shaun Ross Vogue with friend Breezy.

©Alexander Thompson

Diandra Forrest & Shaun Ross working together.



Diandra Forrest walks the runway with her new born infant.

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Diandra Forrest & Shaun Ross together again. Supermodels!

Paving the way as we learn about new ideals of beauty and tolerance. Congrats to these top models!

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