Policeman Who Shot Philando Castile Will Be Tried For Manslaughter

As reported by Huffington Post Minnesota policeman Jeronimo Yanez will be tried for one count of second-degree manslaughter and two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm for the death of Philando Castile  also endangering a 4 year old child and woman. Ramsey County Attorney John Choi gave a statement this morning.

Diamond Reynolds and her daughter were in the car with Mr Castile when he was fatally shot and streamed the traffic stop turned deadly onto Facebook Live.

“There was no objective threat posed to Officer Yanez, Officer [Joseph] Kauser or anyone in that car,” Choi told reporters.

“Philando Castile was not resisting or fleeing. He was respectful and compliant. He volunteered, in good faith, that he had a firearm ― beyond what the law requires,” Choi said, adding, “His dying words were in protest that he wasn’t reaching for his gun.” – Kim Bellware – Huffington Post


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