PartyNextDoor Releases Music Video, “Come And See Me”, Featuring Kylie Jenner While Tyga Makes A Bid To Rekindle.

There’s no need to scour the internet searching for those pics of the young Canadian musician Jahron Brathwaite aka PartyNextDoor and cosmetic mogul Kylie Jenner together because this music video was released just days ago that seems to be documenting something like a real romance, you know, with real kissing and stuff.

Zayn Malik released the music video for Pillowtalk, featuring his girlfriend Gigi Hadid and said, yeah, we’re good friends. I guess these are friends with big benefits! Any way PartyNextDoor is seated at a piano, singing about what appears to be a booty call. These kids today, no shame! Lol! I guess this is pretty average stuff, so..



Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend from whom she split less than 2 months ago,  in the meantime has this week posted pictures of Kylie Jenner on Instagram from their apparent recent meeting, captioned they always come back, and quickly deleted them. Really seems like he’s trying to weaken PartyNextDoor or does this relationship really have a chance to rekindle?


Is she crying?

I’m sure these folks have real personal lives but does it not look like a lot of product placements and sponsorships? The Tyga brand, hmm, where’s the mixtape or records? Actually there was Tyga’s Rawwest Nigga Alive mixtape, released in January of this year, rather promising title that seemed to not perform well in spite of collaborations with Chris Brown and Rick Ross. Subject matter seemed to be derogatory about women and fame for the sake of it (starts to get vapid) with dated sounding stadium hip hop, playing it safe productions while everyone else is going for the creative.

©Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Here lies Tyga’s credibility at the moment, brand Kylie Jenner.

Tyga cited that the relationship with Kylie Jenner overshadowed his career, yet he’s drawn in to sharing on social media about a brief tryst, hmmm? PartyNextDoor, meanwhile a frequent collaborator with Drake, seems to be a prolific kind of a guy. Drake’s lyric I don’t run out of material, you shouldn’t speak on me, period, kind of really hits home with this one, maybe Tyga should stop over-sharing private moments on the Internot and hit the studio..just saying!

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