Old World Interiors In New York And Others.

Today I came across this gallery blog on Blogger specialising in images of Victorian, Gothic and Old World Interiors. Lot’s of original stained wood in brownstones, townhouses and some newer constructions with Old World panelled rooms. It felt like home.

z harlem West 136th Street jpeg
©Victorian Gothic Interior


N Vermont Washington DC c
©Victorian Gothic Interior

In New York there tends to be this practice of adding yet another layer of varnish, or that stain/varnish mixtures that tends to darken and look gloppy. It doesn’t happen often that original woodworks are stripped and sanded, which is too bad! Panelled interiors in general might be too dark for some but as it come, any taste of history is welcome.

Visit Victorian, Gothic Interior Style On Blogger.

The locations were in Park Slope & Fort Greene as well as Harlem but there were also some San Francisco properties, others in Edinburgh, and then some. The rooms were often unfurnished in this gallery while others had realistic styling of an unprofessionally decorated home, which is really comforting sometimes. We’d all like to kit out our places with pieces of distinction but are we inclined to actually put our feet up on these items that cost thousands? Perhaps not, unless we are prepared to drag out the vacuum every time we get up from soiling the chaise lounge.

N Carroll Street Brooklyn
©Victorian Gothic Interior


M San Francisco Edwardian 1911
©Victorian Gothic Interior

So here are some of the images from Victorian Gothic Interior Style. Hope you can imagine yourself there like a real born and raised New Yorker on that extra comfy sofa. Some of the photos could have done with a preliminary hiding of cables, etc. But this is a real guy’s blog, with real images that he collected or photographed himself, so there!

zz Edinburgh b
©Victorian Gothic Interior

Do you like Victorian, Gothic and Old World interiors?

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