Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Release New Album “Skeleton Tree”.

Songwriter Nick Cave with his group The Bad Seeds releases his first album titled Skeleton Tree since the loss of his son with wife Susie Bick, Arthur Cave in a tragic accident in Brighton, July of 2015. Arthur Cave is survived by his twin brother Earl Cave, while Mr Cave is the father of two older sons, Luke Cave and Jethro Cave. Skeleton Tree is Mr Cave’s 16th album.

The recording process of Skeleton Tree was documented in the film One More Time With Feeling, given 4 stars at the Guardian.

One More Time With Feeling is directed by Andrew Dominik.

In 2014, Mr Cave and his creative process was the subject of a biopic titled 20,000 Days On Earth, directed by artists Jane Pollard & Iain Forsyth. The twins Arthur & Earl Cave appear in the film. The film was also the documentation of the making of the album Push The Sky Away.


Susie Bick & Nick Cave at the premiere of Lawless. The screenplay was written by Mr Cave, based on the Matt Bondurant novel, The Wettest County In The World. Lawless soundtrack was composed by Mr Cave & oft time collaborator Warren Ellis (The Bad Seeds).

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Son Jethro Cave is a model.


Luke Cave with father Nick Cave.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album, Skeleton Tree may be heard at Apple Music. Another touching work from the artist that has made music since 1973 with Melbourne based band The Birthday Party, forming Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in 1984.

©Kerry Brown
©Kerry Brown

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