Melania Trump Accepted Paid Work Before Work Visa

The wife  of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Melania Trump accepted at least 10 modelling jobs with payments totalling up to $20,056 before she obtained a work visa, green card or USA nationality, reported People.

Donald Trump has made his intolerant stance on immigration a cornerstone of his campaign. Mr Trump has proposed to build a wall on the border of the United States & Mexico and ban immigration of all Muslims into the United States. The Republican candidate also has expressed that he would make it difficult for if not deport illegal immigrants.

Associated Press has learned that Mrs Trump had been issued a B1/B2 Visitor visa in August 27, 1996, received paid work from September 10th to October 15th, 1996 and then received her H-1B work visa on October 18th, 1996. Mrs Trump received her green card in March 2001 and then became an American citizen in 2006.

Mrs Trump has recently joined husband Mr Trump to rally voters on the final days on the campaign trail as General Elections take place on November 8th, Tuesday.


©Splash News
©Splash News

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