McDonald’s China Releases Special Edition Grey Burgers.

So last autumn McDonald’s China released a grey burger, I’m guessing to join their Asian compañeros, KFC China and Burger King Japan with their pink, red and black burgers.

It’s good to see Micky D’s going for it, don’t be defeated!! Chin up!! Lol!

No, really! I’m curious.

Some of the internet banter has been that they just don’t understand what inspired them to make a grey burger bun, grey being the symbol of things dull and dismal. Rainy days. One person said air pollution. Stone. To me this whole thing is like the cupcake trend. This is your savoury cupcake, actually there are real savoury cupcakes. Haven’t tried to make one of those yet..

To me, it looks like this is all a fashion statement. Burgers are happening, and the legendary chains want to stay on top of the game, so while the gourmets are gourmeting, McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King are planning the cues and hysteria.

So. That being said we get to the grey burger. what’s it’s name? It’s called the Modern China Burger. It’s consists of exactly two pork patties, crispy bacon, curly iceberg and what appears to be a yellow sauce but is a Sichuan pepper ketchup (?). Ketchup is that mysterious thing with origins that are far removed. I suppose tomato ketchup is red, and what existed before,  could have been any variety of colours. I better Google it. The bun is tinted grey from the use of black sesame seeds,  ground finely and added to the flour of this baked good. Looks like a certain kind of marble, cool!

I tried to visit the McDonald’s China website this evening and had a bit of a wait while the computer buffered like mad. When it almost arrived at the website there were no images for a good 20 minutes. But now I can see it, it’s a cute website with a grey background, and obviously standard coloured buns, for now. Check it out:

Visit McDonald’s China website and love on it!

So, I’m going to call this a fashion statement, like grey skinny jeans, black skinny jeans, you know, fast fashion. People want their burger to match with their H&M. I bet it’s darn tasty though.

The best thing about fast food restaurants are the pictures. It’s this big fantasy experience when you look at the menu of images at the drive in or counter. Or when you’re waiting at the bus stop, there’s this picture of a burger that is the height say, starting from your knees to well above your head. You almost wish you could get swallowed up by that burger.


No, really.

So the restaurant image is shiny, happy grey. Like polished marble. But this customer image is kind of shiny like wet…cool!

Here’s the images from the customers…







Still, I bet it still tastes really good!

The story behind the bun is that it is a traditional mantou. It’s a steamed bun that is not actually baked at all. What happens is that the burger is encased in 2 mantou, not a single bun that is halved. Grey carbs happen to be quite common in China, so this is not a repulsive sight for the McDonald’s China customer but maybe mouth – watering.

I love this one, the arm is dwarfed below from this kind of DIY special effects photography. Maybe we could get swallowed up by this burger…

Do you want to try the Modern China Burger from McDonald’s China?



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