Make Up for Spring 2016, A Forecast By Harper’s Bazaar.

In the tradition of all fashion weeks, beauty and runway looks, this Harper’s Bazaar article titled The Best Make Up Trends For Spring 2016 by Alexandra Tunell was released in October of 2015. Just before the deep freeze of real winter hits. And Halloween.

I don’t know if you are like me but it’s hard to get your head around contemplating your Spring look when you’re putting on coat and hat, gloves, etc. to walk your faithful companion.




So just in case you didn’t reference it, and have not paid overt attention to the street beauty trends, I’d suggest revisiting these looks for a gander. Light, airy, clean and gentle looks, easy on the tweezing and threading and featuring the natural assets; fresh skin. Adorning the features one at a time, so there’s never a crazy face full of make up, too much caking, and that maybe not so cool over working of the brows with eyebrow kits and powder.




In an attempt to look flawless we can kind of just go for it a little to fiercely. Remember to embrace your individuality. What you’ll see in this selection of photos are models that are each unique looking. That is the thing to be celebrated and brought to the forefront.




And while we’re researching the Spring fresh face, we can also steady ourselves to embrace that ever – ready bikini bod!

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Images ©IMAXTREE/Getty

Check All The Spring Looks 2016 At Harper’s Bazaar.

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