Let’s Make Pork Tamales, Texas Style.

I ❤️ Food!

All kinds of food, burgers and New York Style Pizza, hot dogs from Katz’s Deli, French Bistro standards that just are perfection, little neck clams on the half shell at Nathan’s on Coney Island, the whole length of Italy from south to north, all of it anything and everything, BUT Sea Urchin Linguine in Sicily, so freakin’ good!

So here I feature probably my favourite comfort food, Tamales.

The meat cooked so tender that it’s falling apart like “old clothes”, as one would say like “vieja ropa”, the beautiful masa that is the real comfort of this comfort food, that carb that just takes things to this whole other level, you’d be a fool to not love!

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I must admit, it’s an all day affair to prepare these. I made them, ONCE!  Consulting the recipes of the Julia Child of Mexican food, Diana Kennedy, I followed her recipe for Pork Tamales, which used one type of pepper, and that was Chipotle. I made with my own twist and added large juicy shrimp, also cooked with the chipotle sauce and that falling apart style pork.

It was fantastico!

Diana Kennedy is a nice North American (!) lady from the United States (?!) who spent quite a lot of time in Mexico, speaking to elders and cooking with them, really rolling up her sleeves and learning the proper way from the abuelas y tias. Actually, I don’t even know if those very people who showed Diana everything about regional Mexican cuisines would use the words abuelas y tias..

Did you know that 69 languages are spoken in Mexico?

So when some Tea Party fool shouts “Speak English!” one could answer, “Ba’axten?!” (“For what?!” in Yucatec Mayan).

Even on the European continent in Spain, at least 17 languages are spoken.

So Spanish; Castilian; Castellano, is actually very similar to that really simplified Germanic language called English, in that it’s a common language for many regional cultures, some coming together to create a nation and so forth.

A little research about the word used in Spanish language, tamales, tells us that the singular for this dish is tamal, making it clearly appear to be a masculino sustantivo (masculine noun) so one would say, los tamales, el tamal.

I found this pretty cool channel on YouTube called Texas Cooking Today that showed you how to prepare Texas style Pork Tamales from start to finish.

Texas style means more heat, more varieties of peppers that are taken dried and prepared by rehydrating them. Also slow cooking your pork to make that vieja ropa. 

Have a watch of this video, it’s certainly worth trying to make these at least once!

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