Kylie’s Lip Kit Is Blowing Up Day By Day.

It’s safe to say that Kylie Jenner is the sister to watch from the Keeping Up With The Kardashians crew. Whether you do reality television or not, the Jenner-Kardashians have pervaded every form of media from apps to cosmetics to sports clothing and shoes to hair trends. You name it.

Visit Kylie Cosmetics Official Website.

Upon checking the Kylie Cosmetics website about stock and new colours of Kylie’s Lip Kit one will find each and every one SOLD OUT. Yet, apparently each day new colours are released and there has actually been restocking. I’m kind of feeling the Metals and for the package of all three colours; King K, Heir and Reign, it’s at a price of $54 USD.

Kylie's Website
Kylie Cosmetics By Kylie Jenner.

I’m still kind of up in arms about how a metal hue lipstick can be considered matte? These Metals are not actually a “Kit” because the liquid lipstick does not come with a pencil. And then there is the trend of using the pencil on the whole lip so that it’s really super matte and does not greasily come off all over everything your lips touch. Kind of works for me.

Up until recently there were updates on Kylie’s Twitter account and other social media but that has discontinued. So I found that Glamour Magazine has actually started a blog dedicated to keeping the masses aware of restocking and releases of new colours.

Check the Glamour Magazine; Kylie’s Cosmetics Blog for Updates.

So after much clicking around and not quite getting any information, we went to the Google Play Store and downloaded the Kylie app. For Kylie Lip Kit Restock News there is a subscription fee. not tremendous amount of money, one of those standard In-App purchases. However, I’m so old school that In-App purchases seem more like an outage to me than a convenience. They are providing a service, and apps are made with the intention of providing that service, making a profit, I get it. Once we go massive I can justify all that. In the meantime, checking into the Glamour blog!

I would say that this cosmetic line is pretty great because it’s one of the few that embraces diversity. It revisits the earth tones that were so popular amongst women of colour, dating back further than 20 years. With this there may be a hint of cultural appropriation. But no ethnic group can patent a colour, OR say, box braids, etc. I think a lot of women of colour in the Americas, have waited for the white majority that is the United States, to accept their beauty. To get the white majority to admit that eating yellow banana, rice & beans does a body good. One can’t help but feel that being thick is okay if you’re white or a latino but not when you’re black.

In any event, Kylie’s Cosmetics are bringing women together. Which we definitely want more of!

P.S. Kylie and her people have responded promptly to complaints about the faulty application brush for new shipments of the Lip Kits. Well done!

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