Kanye West, Another Day, Another Meltdown

Superstar Kanye West appears to be having a very public meltdown as footage from his Sacramento shows. Last week in San Jose, Mr West confirmed that if he had voted, he would have voted for Donald Trump in the November 8th Election.

Mr West performed 3 songs before addressing the audience beginning with “Radio, fuck you!”, “And once again MTV, fuck you!” about his personal views on his competitive relationships with his peers, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Drake, DJ Khaled and Taylor Swift repeatedly stating “I was hurt” about a performance scheduling issue for artist Beyoncé, about a system in place at radio stations in which artists are not treated as equals. He also called out to Q-Tip saying he was raised by Tribe Called Quest and KRS-1, referenced President Barack Obama on his poised statesmanship, praised Kid Cudi and Frank Ocean.

Mr West cited  Fuck For Free by DJ Khaled feat. Drake and it’s heavy rotation, with stunningly similar lyrical theme to his Famous, although he praised the two artists stating that he loved them and they were real niggas. He also criticised Hillary Rodham Clinton, saying “it’s a new world, Hillary! it’s new world, Barack!”, repeating “Feelings matter, braugh!” suggesting that midwestern voters “felt a way” when they voted for Donald Trump. Mr West made suggestion that Jay Z  and DJ Khaled would send assassins after him, stating “please don’t send them up on my head…this ain’t a Malcolm X movie”.

Mr West cancelled his Saint Pablo Tour show in Los Angeles at the Forum and Ticketmaster is offering refunds.

The Guardian reported that Mr West criticised Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, quoting Mr West:

“Mark Zuckerberg, you wanna call me now? Do I got the vision, Mark Zuckerberg? Was you wrong? When I said I was $53m in debt and you didn’t call me, was you wrong? … You said you would help and you didn’t. Then you went to look for aliens.”

Audience had mixed reaction from cheers to boos. The floating stage lowered and he left after addressing the press about their impending “racist, passive aggressive, Lebron James comments”.


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