KabochaCon Takes Place From 10.14 – 10.15.2016, In Dayton!

KabochaCon takes place from October 14-15, 2016 in Dayton, Ohio at The Hope Hotel and Richard C Holbrooke Conference Center. KabochaCon is a convention celebrating Japan Pop Culture such as Anime, Manga, gaming and more. The convention is inclusive of European & American Pop Culture as well, with loads of fun events. On the Main Stage there is a Masquerade Costume Contest, please remember to register for this. Check it here. Also on the Main Stage will be the Pumpkin Decorating Contest (just in time for Halloween!). It’s pretty flexible and creative so join and have fun. One must provide their own pumpkin.

Here are the Pumpkin Contest Rules:

1. Anyone with a con badge may participate.
2. Participants will provide their own pumpkins, tools, and other materials. We will provide clean up and waste collection/disposal materials.
3. Any medium may be used. Pumpkins may be real or fake, carved, painted, sculpted onto, etc. as long as it can be safely done indoors.
4. NO ACTUAL FIRE WILL BE PERMITTED!! If your pumpkin design requires lighting, please use flameless candles, decorative string lights, a flashlight, whatever you can think up that is not a real flame.
5. All participants must show up on time (13:00) to set up and gut pumpkins, and to go over these rules and any other announcements before the contest officially starts at 13:30. Anyone who begins decorating before the official start time may be disqualified.
6. Your pumpkin, if live, may be pre-gutted and treated, but this is not recommended, and you still have to be on time for the 30 minute setup.
7. You will have 2 hours to complete your pumpkin before judging begins.
8. Any design that is blatantly copied straight from someone else’s original design will be disqualified.
9. Pumpkins must be on stage and ready to be judged by 15:30. Anyone who is not finished by this time may not have the opportunity to be judged with the other entries.
10. Winners will be announced during closing ceremonies.

Also on the Main Stage; Super Guitar Bros Concert, Steve & Sam will be onstage to entertain. Then there is a Friday night Dance Party featuring DJs INNOTEN & Marson.

They’ll also be Panel Rooms which should guarantee lively discussion.

Two Day Passes are no longer available, however 1 Day Passes are at a low price of $20! You can register here!

If you’re in need of accommodation, The Hope Hotel has a special rate for KabochaCon attenders. Be certain to mention that you will be at the KabochaCon to get the special rate!



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