Grandson Of Muhammad Ali, Biaggio Ali-Walsh Signs To Wilhelmina Models.

Star Bishop Gorman High School running back and grandson of the late Muhammad Ali who passed on June 3rd, 2016, Biaggio Ali-Walsh, signed a modelling contract with Wilhelmina Models. Biaggio Ali-Walsh is the son of Ali’s daughter, Rasheda Ali-Walsh and husband Robert Walsh. They have younger son named Nico Ali-Walsh. Robert Walsh is chef and restauranteur, owner of Italian restaurant Biaggio’s in Las Vegas. Apparently through Biaggio’s parents courtship, Rashida Ali-Walsh did not tell her future husband she was the daughter of Muhammad Ali at the beginning. Rashida Ali-Walsh is the twin to Jamillah Ali, born to Khalilah Ali (Belinda Boyd) & Muhammad Ali in 1970.

©Rashida Ali Walsh
©Rashida Ali Walsh

Biaggio Ali-Walsh with his granddad Muhammad Ali.

©Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Biaggio Ali-Walsh with hypeman Flavor Flav and brother Nico Ali-Walsh.

©Biaggio Ali-Walsh/Twitter
©Biaggio Ali-Walsh/Twitter

A tweet celebrating Nico Ali-Walsh’s birthday. Nico is an aspiring boxer, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Muhammad Ali, The Greatest.

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©Biaggio Ali-Walsh/Twitter
©Biaggio Ali-Walsh/Twitter

Biaggio Ali-Walsh, mother Rashida Ali-Walsh, Nico Ali-Walsh and father Robert Walsh.

Check out Biaggio Ali-Walsh’s football career.


Biaggio Ali-Walsh with former teammate at Bishop Gorman, Cordell Broadus, the son of rapper Snoop Dogg.

©Biaggio Ali-Walsh

Clearly Biaggio Ali-Walsh has what it takes to be at Wilhelmina Models. We visited the website for the agency and we’re waiting to see the profile they create for Ali-Walsh.

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©Biaggio Ali-Walsh/Instagram
©Biaggio Ali-Walsh/Instagram

The 17 year old has been offered scholarships at 12 different colleges, as he wraps up his last year of high school football at Bishop Gorman. Let’s hope he’ll have another winning season.

Do you think Biaggio Ali-Walsh is pretty like Muhammad Ali?

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