Found Under Warrant A Doctor Prescribed Medication To Prince Before He Died.

It was reported by the Guardian that physician, Dr Michael Todd Schulenberg made a house call to the superstar Prince the day before his death. The police questioned the doctor and found information under a search warrant.

Dr Schulenberg treated the star on the 20th and 7th of April prescribing medications that have not been identified at this time. There is no revealed information of whether Prince had used those medications or whether they contributed to a cause of death.

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A warrant was filed in Hennepin county on Thursday, May 5th, revealing this information. The news was originally obtained by the Los Angeles Times and KSTP-TV. A spokesperson for the North Memorial Medical Center, Lisa Bader stated that Dr Schulenberg no longer worked at their facility at Minnetonka, where he was formerly a primary care physician.

A large number of vehicles were seen entering the gates of the Paisley Park estate in Minneapolis, where Prince had lived and worked.

He was found dead in an elevator by his staff on the morning of April 21, 2016 at the age of 57. The autopsy reports are undetermined.

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The Carver county Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud stated that they are making a thorough investigation. Kamerud also stated that the warrant should remain under seal and that it ws executed with the intention of initially being under seal. He chose not to make further comment on the result of the warrant.

The son of addiction specialist Dr Howard Kornfeld of California, Andrew Kornfeld, was one of those whom discovered Prince dead at his home on the morning of the 21st April. He had travelled with a medication commonly used to treat opiate addiction, buprenorphine. His attorney, William Mauzy stated that he had travelled to Minneapolis on the evening of the 20th April, expressly to assist the star in seeking treatment. Dr Kornfeld had made arrangements for Prince to be examined by a local doctor in Minneapolis on the 21st April but it is undetermined whether that doctor was Dr Schulenberg or whether he had had any treatment from that doctor prior.

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