Explosion Injures 29 In Chelsea, New York City.

As reported from The New York Post, an explosion took place in the neighbourhood of Chelsea in Manhattan on West 23rd Street at about 8:40 PM on Saturday, September 17, 2016, injuring 29 people (14 women & 15 men). The explosion took place near the Townhouse Inn at 131 West 23rd Street and is believed to have been intentional and likely to have been caused by a homemade bomb. The device had been placed in a construction dumpster which was thrown from one side of the street to another, fortunately not striking anyone. Three hours later, a second homemade device was found in a garbage can on West 27th Street between Sixth & Seventh Avenue. The device consisted of a pressure cooker with wiring, a cellular phone and tape. The second device did not detonate and was safely taken away from the scene.

The newly appointed New York Police Department Commissioner, James O’Neill was quoted to say that there is surveillance video of the explosion. The Counterterrorism Squad, ATF and FBI were said to be investigating at the scene through the night.

Police clothes in SWAT gear and holding weapons were seen to be protecting Bellevue Hospital, where some of the injured were receiving treatment. One injury is reportedly of a serious nature, what the NYC Mayor, Bill De Blasio described as a puncture wound.

The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo made a statement that the explosion could be described in a generic sense, as a terror attack, but as of yet, no organised international terror group has made claim to the explosion or found linked to the incident.

A pipe bomb detonated earlier in the morning on Saturday September 17, at 9:35 AM, at a Seaside Semper Five Marine Corps charity race in Seaside Park, New Jersey on D Street & Ocean Avenue. No connection between the blasts has been made. No one was injured.

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