Courtney Barnes Explained How The Police Car “Twisted Around Like A Tornado, Girl!” Just Last Year..

This one gave us a right chuckle. Courtney Barnes, a So You Think You Can Dance contestant tells an interviewer from WLBT 3, how while he was going to fetch himself  “a piece of burger from Burger King” and how his “hunger just went away!” when he witnessed a car chase and accident involving the police in Jackson, Mississippi, relaying how the police car “twisted around like a tornado, girl!…it fishtailed, m’aam”.

Check dem eyebrown..

I don’t think this remix from Imitation Beats did as well as The Bed Intruder Song but I think these kinds of remixes were a bit fresher 6 years ago for people. Still pretty hilarious!

Are you heading down to get yourself a piece of burger or has your hunger just went away?

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