All About Minecraft!

So the young folks in our household have been into Minecraft for a while now, perhaps for as long as it’s been out. It was created in 2011 by designers Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten and was originally developed by Mojang for PC, Mobile and Wii U.


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It has since been published by Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft Studios for PlayStation, X360, etc.. Available on platforms; Raspberry Pi, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, iOS X, iOS, Windows Phone, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Universal Windows Platform and Wii U, so whatever hardware you have, you can enjoy this game! You can also get your specific set up, as some kids enjoy to have PlayStation over a PC set up, it’s up to you. It’s refreshingly appealing to all genders.

Minecraft is a sandbox game. For those whom don’t know what a sandbox game is, it is a game in which the experience of play is unique to the player and that there are choices in how the game play proceeds by the individual. Therefore there are not specific levels to excel and in any sequential order, nor monsters encountered as well in any sequential order. The sandbox game takes place in it’s virtual world which is a source of endless possibilities. The name comes from a reference to the child’s sandbox that is an open ended forum in which to engage with surroundings and others. That being said, it was not designed specifically for children’s consumption. Nonetheless, it found it’s niche.



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Minecraft is chock full of gaming activities of exploration, gathering, combat and crafting. Further activities include structure building. There are the three modes of survival, creative and adventure.

It is advised for those just beginning with Minecraft to start with single player and creative mode. In the creative mode one get’s to hone their skills without the risk of losing lives or resources. Also in the single player mode, one will be able to learn those skills aforementioned without encountering players that may not follow the rules. These kind of players often do things just for spite so be aware of this when beginning multiplayer option. You could control the multiplayer mode by creating your own multiplayer server, in this way one controls whom is present and only permits those who follow the rules. In a less supervised multiplayer server one may encounter swearing, unwarranted attacks, inappropriate skins, etc. So be aware!

Without giving too much away, we’ll conclude, it’s a neat game! Do try it. It’s possibly addictive, as all games so make sure you get away from the screens and enjoy that spring sunshine! And otherwise enjoy your designated gaming time!

Check out this trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode!

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