Adam Horowitz Speaks Out Against Hate Crime At Adam Yauch Park In Brooklyn

Adam Horowitz of the Beastie Boys spoke out against vandalism at Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn Heights, a park named in honour of the deceased member of the Beastie Boys Adam Yauch.

PageSix reported that an organised rally hundreds of people participated in which they addressed the vandalism, graffiti of swastikas found in the playground area, as well as the words “Go Trump!” found last week.

Mr Horovitz was quoted to have stated:

“These incidents and this type of graffiti have been popping up all over our country because we’ve elected a president that’s given our children the message that it’s OK to write ‘white power’ in their high-school hallways.

That it’s OK to attack to women and girls. That Latinos and Muslims and Jews are bad people and that you can electroshock the gay out of somebody… C’mon! This is real,”

Mr Yauch lost his life in a battle with cancer in 2012.  Mr Yauch was a practicing Buddhist with Jewish heritage. Mike Diamond and Mr Horovitz are the surviving members of the group which has since disbanded.

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