10,000 March In New York in Anti-Trump Protest

Peaceful protests continue across the  United States after the Donald Trump was elected president. Mrs Clinton won the popular vote but lost the electoral college. Anti-Trump demonstrations were cited in Miami, Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles (with up to 6,000 demonstrators) and 10,000 people were said to take part in a demonstration in New York City, The Guardian reported. During the demonstration in Portland, a protester was shot and injured.

Activist are planning to continue through to inauguration day for president-elect Donald Trump on January 20th, 2017. A “Million Women” march is being planned for inauguration day in response to misogynist attitudes of the president-elect, and the “Black Lives Matter” movement has intent on building “something bigger and stronger” than Mr Trump’s hate speech and rhetoric.

On Thursday Mr Trump tweet in response was to blame protests against his win on: “professional protesters, incited by the media” and that it was “very unfair”. As the public criticised his tweet, he followed his post with another on the subject of how he appreciated the demonstrators “passion for our great country”.

Former vice president Al Gore‘s loss in 2000 was due to a loss in the electoral college, as he won the popular vote against former president George W Bush.

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